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We provide production and digital distribution of media content for events. From single camera live streams to extensive and intensive photo and video assignments... for a solution to suit your needs, we have it covered.

We are photographers and video makers, IT guys and on-site support. We provide high quality media content with extremely reliable distribution in a tailor made package for all event types.

Our previous projects include mass participation events with more than 6000 participants, industry celebration and award nights, live education videos, and live music launch events.

We offer exceptional photography and our team's credits include Olympic Games, Royal visits, and assignments with the Associated Press. Likewise, our video team are hugely experienced in television production, and all of our operations are supported by robust technical infrastructure.

We're fully loaded with broadcast technology capable of delivering live HD content from virtually anywhere in the world, and we’re always up for the challenge of seeing how far we can push the limit!

The Senergy Digital Network is built to provide a secure and reliable connection even in the most challenging of environments. Using bonded data technology we are able to deliver quality live streaming with service. Our central command station in Europe is where bonded connections are managed to ensure a consistent and stable transmission to viewers around the world.

The video and photography teams are fanatical about the latest industry developments, and when they’re not attending events you will find them in the lab pushing the boundaries of new technology.

Multicast live streaming direct to multiple platforms at the same time, including YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. We can also place a media player on your website for content viewing directly at your domain.

We've developed two delivery platforms to host media for your audience. These platforms can be setup with live stream feeds and act as the portal for video on demand, VR, and photography content.


The Select Platform is allows you to define which content is for members only, and which should be open to viewing in the public domain.

Members of an event can login and select the media content they are most interested in. The selected content will then populate on the user’s own Dashboard page, whilst all media content remains available for members to browse via the Media tab.

Content is defined in the platform by event specific categories, or indexed by topic or points of interest.

The Select Platform is fully customisable to the visual branding of your business/event and can be hosted at a URL of your choosing or as a subdomain of the Select Platform.


We are excited announce the arrival of the new Club Wow Platform, designed specifically for MPE and is available now for use. Mass Participation Events can be defined as those where many individuals take part in an activity such as dancing competitions, marathons, etc. You can find further information on the Club Wow service at

Meet the team.

Please feel free to get in touch, we love to hear about your projects and are always happy to help and advise.

JP Le Blond
Operations Director
Dan Williams
Digital Director

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